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Special Monthly Shabbat Service

This Shabbat – Saturday 21 January 2017 – we include a special blessing for the forthcoming month.

Service begins at 10:00 am followed by a kiddush and communal socialising.

@ 120 Ashmore Road, Benowa


Monday 19 December 2016 – Special 19 Kislev Gathering

from 5:30pm @ 120 Ashmore Road, Benowa


Tuesday 27 December 2016 – Special Chanukah Party

from 5:30pm @ 120 Ashmore Road



Shabbat Morning Shiur

 B”H the Shabbat morning Shiur will recommence this Shabbat, 29 Oct, 9:20am – 9:50am. Followed by Shacharit.

Women Shiur Topic: The impact of Shabbath Breishith on the year ahead.

Men Shiur Topic: Ma’amar on first possuk and Rashi.


Rosh Hashanah 5777


Details for prayer times, etc:


Special website for children to learn about Jewish festivals and much more. Also good for adults:


For further (light & in depth) reading on Rosh HaShanah ….

In Hebrew



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Shavuoth – שבועות

Begins: 5:36pm  Sat Night 11 June 2016 – Concludes: 5:36pm Mon Night 13 June 2016

First Eve of Shavuot – 11 June

Saturday Eve Service at 5:45pm followed by Se’udat HaChag and late night learning

MAIN EVENT – 12 June

Sunday Morning 12 June 10am – Shacharit, includes Reading and Reliving  The 10 Commandments
Followed by light dairy kiddush and se’udat hachag.

Sunday Evening service and se’udah – 5:45pm

Yizkor – 13 june

Monday Morning Service – 10am, includes Yizkor, followed by kiddush and se’udat hachag


Lag B’Omer Celebration
Thursday 26 May 2016
Gold Coast
Approx from 4:45pm – 7:45pm

For venue details please contact Rabbi Mosheh Serebryanski on 0425216342



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5776 – 2016


Click on words “Pesach Schedule 5776” to open pdf with list of times for all Pesach services etc.



To book for Seder on Gold Coast – see panel on right (or below)

To book for Seder in








To learn about Purim (or for a refresh) you can visit; – There are also many childrens activities on this website of Jewish content for all.

For deeper (kabbalistic – chasidic) insights into Purim; –

                     Byron Bay

24 March 2016
@ 5:15pm
Kohinur Hall Upper Main Arm
Fun,Music, Food, Megillah Reading & Childrens Activity

Gold Coast

23 March 2016
@ 5:50pm 
Megilla reading and Purim Party

To donate in honour of Purim, or in general;

For Shabbat and all halachic times click on link and type in town/city you want times for:

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