Shavuoth – שבועות

Begins: 5:36pm  Sat Night 11 June 2016 – Concludes: 5:36pm Mon Night 13 June 2016

First Eve of Shavuot – 11 June

Saturday Eve Service at 5:45pm followed by Se’udat HaChag and late night learning

MAIN EVENT – 12 June

Sunday Morning 12 June 10am – Shacharit, includes Reading and Reliving  The 10 Commandments
Followed by light dairy kiddush and se’udat hachag.

Sunday Evening service and se’udah – 5:45pm

Yizkor – 13 june

Monday Morning Service – 10am, includes Yizkor, followed by kiddush and se’udat hachag

All of above taking place at Mermaid Waters, for further info on address please phone 0425216342

Chag Sameach